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ZUNA Solar - How Solar Works

Solar Panels Collect Sunlight 

Solar panels are made up of silicon photovoltaic solar cells.  When the sunlight reaches your solar panels, electrons begin to move generating an electrical current called Direct Current (DC). This current is not capable of powering your home and needs to be converted into “usable” electricity before it can be used.


Power is Converted into Usable Energy

The Direct Current (DC) that was generated from your solar panels travels through the electrical infrastructure of the solar system to a unit called an inverter. This inverter(s) converts that Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC). This is the most common type of electricity used to power a residential home.


After that energy is generated and converted, it then flows from the inverter(s) into your home through the home’s circuit breaker box. That energy is then dispersed in real time throughout your home as needed to power your various appliances.


Excess Energy Flows Back to the Grid 


The solar system’s production of energy will vary throughout a 24-hour period; simultaneously, your home’s electrical consumption will also vary throughout that same 24-hour period. Any excess energy that is generated during the day from your solar system that is not immediately consumed is sent to your utility company's electrical grid through a unit and process called “Net Metering." This Net Meter keeps track of how much energy you provided to the electrical grid during the day and credits your utility account for each kilowatt of energy. At night, when the solar system is no longer producing energy, your home is then using energy from the grid and uses those credits you accumulated during the day.

Every solar system that we install comes with a customer portal that allows you to monitor your solar system in real time to view its production and performance. In addition, your utility company will continue to send you your monthly utility bill statement that will now have a monthly summary of any remaining credits you have accumulated from the previous month.


Monitor Your Solar System

Electricity Flows into Your Home

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Zuna Solar Customer System

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